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French regulations applies to any flight of an unmanned aircraft UAV carried out in France. However, in the case of an operator of an unmanned or remotely piloted aircraft subject to an authorization issued by a foreign authority, particularly in the case of a member state of the European Union, the authorization may be the basis for a specific authorization issued by French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC). This exemption is freeing the operator or his UAV of any or all of the relevant requirements of the French regulations, subject to the conditions the foreign authorization guarantees an equivalent safety level.

Need approval for your organisation to fly UAV in France?

MLV Drone is a recognized Drone Service Provider located on the French Riviera in France.
Our bilingual service oriented team is dedicated to help you efficiently and affordably.

5 hours package
Documentation Review and guidance
1 Mission study and Paperwork
10 hours package
Documentation Review and guidance
Up to 2 missions study and paperwork
Specifics authorisations (ZRT, etc…)
On Quote
€50 per hour fee
Documentation Review and guidance
Specific protocol or authorisations
Prohibited area

Please call us at +33 483 598 008 or connect with us; we call you back. Initial meetings and cost estimates are free of charge.
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Vingineers, France

The instructors focus on precision and practice creates a calm confidence which can be applied to flying any high value drone.

Skyfire Films, United Kingdom

Faced with having to find a way around the very complicated French laws regarding drone filming, I was hugely relieved to find the services of MLV Drone. They researched the area I wanted to film and advised upon what was possible. They completed all the necessary forms for me,…

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Hobbyists don’t need an approval to fly a drone in most situations as long as they follow the rules – see our complimentary translation of Rules for flying recreational drones. However, if you will be using your drone for commercial – even with no charge – or service purposes, an authorization is required. .Our team can help you out to get it if your country is elligible

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Our Instructors can have you piloting a drone and understand the principles of the regulations to fly safely and legally. You don’t need to have flown a drone before. Thanks to our learning program made by experts, you’ll learn how to fly professionally.

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No matter your industry, our experience and resources can help to empower your business with drone technology. Whether your need assistance with the authorisation, the documentation, or if you need an authorised operator to fly for you in France or anywhere in the world, you are at the good place.