France – Rules for flying recreational drones

Here is a note of warning about the rules for flying recreational drones in France.

Use of a drone for recreational purposes

[Last Update January 9, 2017]

The French Aviation Administration made, in dialogue with the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties), the manufacturers, the professional federation of the civils drones and the French federation of aeromodelling, a note of warning on the rules for flying recreational drones (also named UAV, UAS or RPCA) aimed at the consumers.

The note reminds to the users, in a short and simple format, what they have the right to do or not and that there is an air space in which we do not do what we want.

Since 2016, the French Aviation Administration published the english version of this document for foreigners who are visiting France with their drones.

Notice recreational drones 2016 English

 Notice Drones 2016 English 2

Ensuring people and other aircraft’s safety is under your responsibility.

Important information: any use of a drone which objective is filming for commercial or professional reasons is subject to specific requirements and requires an authorization issued by French DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation civile).

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Map of Restricted Areas for Recreational Drones in France.

The map of restricted areas for recreational drones in metropolitan France is available on Geoportail.

With the assistance of the IGN (National Institute for Geographic and Forest Information), the DGAC has developed an interactive map of restrictions for recreational drones. It represents a simplified and easily comprehensible view, in all French metropolitan territory, in which the flights of aircraft circulating without persons on board (also called drones, RPAS, UAV, unmanned aerial vehicles) are subjected to prohibitions or restrictions.

The red legend means flights are prohibited while other colours define the maximum flight height.

Drone Users’ associations and the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés are also useful sources of information.

Regulatory References:
Decree of December 17, 2015 on the use of airspace by unmanned aircraft
Decree of December 17, 2015 relating to the design of unmanned civil aircraft, the conditions of use and required capabilities of the people who use them.